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Celebrating 12 Years in Business
Why choose R2Pleasent?
Established Feb 2007
R2Pleasent has been buying and selling RS Gold for over 12 years. That's a long time!
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We know you are looking for the best prices available. If another website offers more, we'll do our best to beat it.
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We aim to send every payment within 5 minutes of receiving your your RS Gold in-game.
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Our team of professional Live Chat agents speak fluent English, and are available at all times.
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Sell Your OSRS Gold For Real Money

Looking to get paid real money for your OSRS Gold?  At R2Pleasent Gold, you can sell your OSRS Gold for great prices, through a variety of payment methods.  We can send you PayPal, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Interac e-Transfer, UK Bank Transfer (UKBT), EURO Bank Transfer, USD Bank Transfer, AUD Bank Transfer, and more.

Why R2Pleasent Gold?

At R2Pleasent Gold, we pride ourselves in being the longest running gold site on the web.  We have over 12 years of experience, dating back to February 2007.  That's over 12 years serving customers in the Runescape Gold market.  Throughout that time we've served tens of thousands of customers, who continue coming back due to our professionalism and experience.  When you buy from R2Pleasent Gold, you're choosing an established company built on efficiency, safety, and unparalleled experience.

Our customer service agents have all been in the industry for 3 years+.  They also are Runescape players themselves.  So you can rest assured that they are ready to answer any questions, and help you with anything, from placing an order, to arranging delivery.

How Do I Know I'll Get Paid for My Old School RS Gold?

We understand you may be nervous doing business online.  Check out our reviews above, which are aggregated on the website "Trustpilot".  Trustpilot is as legit as it gets, all the reviews on their site are verified and are completely outside of our control.  You'll see testimonials from customers just like you.

How Long Does it Take to Sell Old School Runescape Gold?

You can sell your Old School Runescape Gold using our Live Support, and the whole process will take only a few minutes.  Our agents have handled thousands of in-game gold purchases, and are ready to help you right now.  We're online 24/7, come say hi!

How Much Will I Get for my OSRS GP?

The price we pay for your OSRS GP varies by the hour.  For that reason, we recommend inputting your information above and Request a Quote.  Our Live Chat will quickly reply with an up to date offer for your OSRS Gold.  It's up to you whether to accept, deny, or try to haggle.  We will do our best to give you the most competitive rates on the market.

How Does Selling OSRS Gold Work?

The process is very simple.  Fill out the form on this page to generate a chat.  Our Live Support will give you a price offer.  Once you agree on a price with our Live Chat agent, you will provide your payment information (for example, PayPal email), and then meet our Live Chat agent in-game at the location they provide.  Just trade the gold to the RS Name provided in chat, and then we'll send out your payment a couple of minutes later.  It's that easy!

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