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OSRS Gold (Million)
$0.77 for 1 Million

OSRS Gold (Million)

4556 Million in Stock

The cheapest OSRS Gold, also known as Runescape 2007 Gold or RS2007 GP. This page lets you buy OSRS Gold in 1 Million Units. You can buy OSRS Gold with Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoin, IDEAL, Credit Card, Debit Card, Interac e-transfer, IDEAL, G2APay Wallet, and more. Expected delivery time is 5 minutes from payment. Just hop on our 24/7 Live Support to arrange delivery! Available for PC, Tablet, and Mobile Users.

R2Pleasent Power Leveling

R2Pleasent Power Leveling

9999 Powerlevel Unit in Stock

Combat Stats Only (Range, Mage, Str, Att, Def, HP). Check Live Chat for Specific Quotes!

OSRS Gold for Sale

R2Pleasent Gold has been the go-to website for Runescape Gold since our inception in February 2007. Use this page to navigate our OSRS Gold products, and other items for the game Runescape 2007. We have implemented a variety of localized payment methods to make your experience easier. Check out our newest payment method, G2A Pay, for the best experience. G2A Pay supports Paypal, Credit Cards, and other payment methods tailored to your location.

RS 2007 was released in February of 2013. It is a replica from the 2007 version of Runescape, although it has received some new updates since its release. All changes to the game are voted on by players using a poll system. This ensures that content driven into the game is supported by the community.

Gold in OSRS can be used to buy nearly every item in the game. Weapons, supplies, and armor can all be purchased using the Grand Exchange, and some gold coins. Coins can be earned in-game for free, but many players find it to be too time consuming. That is why so many players use websites like R2Pleasent to buy OSRS Gold for real money. Using our website allows you to avoid the boring parts of the game and jump into the content that you enjoy.

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