Buy OSRS Gold with the CashApp at R2Pleasent Gold

Buy OSRS Gold with the CashApp at R2Pleasent

Buy OSRS Gold with The Cash App at

Great news to our American customers.  We're now accepting payment for buying OSRS Gold via CashApp, the new payments network created by Square Technologies.  CashApp lets you pay instantly using your online bank balance directly to our account.  All you need is our CashApp tag to send money.  Most of you are probably already using the CashApp!

There are some great advantages to using the CashApp to buy OSRS Gold on our website:

  • Instant Payments

    • No more waiting for G2APay verification or bank transfers to clear.  All CashApp payments are instantly sent and received.

  • No Verification

    • No phone calls, ID requirements*, or other tedious verification processes.

  • No Limits

    • Order nearly unlimited amounts of gold, even as a new customer on our website.

  • No Fees

    • Save money!  No transaction fees, no sending fees, no receiving fees.  CashApp is completely free to use, and always gets the lowest price available on our website.

For more information on the CashApp -- check out their website here at

Want $5.00 Free?  Use the Code CXHMKRN when you sign up to

How to Buy OSRS Gold with CashApp

We are currently updating our systems to add the CashApp to our regular checkout methods.  For now, just hop onto our Live Chat and let our agents know that you'd like to purchase with CashApp.  They'll have you submit the order on our website using an alternate payment method, to create the record in the system, and then they will provide you our CashApp tag to send the money. has industry leading 24/7 Live Support is able to assist you from start to finish on the entire process.  They look forward to helping you pay with CashApp and any other payment method.

Once you've paid, they will quickly confirm they have received the money and then give you the in-game location for trading the OSRS Gold to your account.  It's that simple.  The whole process should take under 5 minutes!

Who Can Use the CashAPP?

Currently, the CashApp is a USA-only payment method.  That means customers outside the USA will not be able to take advantage.  However, we have some great payment options available for people in Canada, United Kingdom, Shengen Zone (EU), Australia, and other countries.

We also take popular payment methods like PayPal and Credit Cards, so we are certain there is an option for everybody.  In the meantime, send a message to Square Technologies and ask them to integrate the CashApp in your country.  It truly is a great payment system.


Get Started Now!

Head over to our BUY OSRS GOLD page and get the process started!  For now you can just choose "Game Currency" as your payment method to submit the order.  The Live Support will help you with the rest.  See you soon!


* ID may still be required if we have strong suspicion that you are committing fraud


  Written by R2Pleasent
  Posted 2 years ago

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