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Are you an American looking to buy OSRS Gold?  Sick of verification and orders not clearing?  Sick of purchase limits?

The answer to those problems is here.  Zelle is a new payment method which allows you to send and receive money easily, using your online banking.  Simply sign up to Zelle here and you can get started right away.

Transfers with Zelle are instant.  That means no waiting days for ACH wires.  Transfers with Zelle are safe.  You do not need to provide your banking information.  You can pay and get paid with only an email address or phone number.  Transfers with Zelle are powerful.  Within minutes you can make orders for nearly any amount of OSRS Gold with us, without any hassle.

OSRS Gold Buying Limits

Typically we are forced to put limits on the amounts of OSRS Gold you can buy using payment methods like PayPal and Credit Card.  This is simply standard in the industry, and reflects how poorly these payment methods are suited for virtual item transactions.  Zelle, on the  other hand, is perfectly designed for virtual item payments.

This means you can buy up to 1 Billion OSRS Gold your first time using our site by paying with Zelle.  And even higher for repeat customers.  Finally you're in a position where you don't need to break up orders across multiple sites, or settle for less gold than you really want or need.  

How to Buy OSRS Gold Using Zelle at R2Pleasent

Zelle is a new payment method here at, so we are still designing the systems to process it automatically.  Not to fear though folks, you can still use Zelle to buy RSGP right now, even though it doesn't appear as a payment method on our website.

To purchase with Zelle, you just need to contact us on Live Support in the bottom right hand side of the website.  Speak with an agent there and inform them that you are looking to make a purchase with Zelle.  You can buy any amount of OSRS Gold that is 10M+.  So it works for orders big and small.

The agent on Live Support will give you the email to send payment.  Once you have this email, simply log into Zelle or through your online banking linked with Zelle, send to the email we provided.  Stay on Live Chat through this process.  Once the payment is sent, inform the Live Chat agent and tell them how much money you sent, and what email you used to send it.

The agent will check and verify the payment is received.  After this, we adivse that you place an order on our website, to properly record it in the system.  Head over to our Buy OSRS Gold page and fill the amount of gold you wish to buy, then proceed to checkout.  At checkout, you'll want to choose the payment method "Game Currency" as shown in this graphic:

R2Pleasent Checkout with Zelle

Then you'll fill in your RS display name and submit the order.  No payment required.  This way we will have the order in our system.

Zelle Payments have 0% Fee

We do not add any transaction fees with Zellepay.  That means you save 3% versus paying with PayPal or Credit Card.  Best of all, Zelle charges you no fee to send either.  So you can use Zelle to save money!  It's a no brainer!

Bulk OSRS Gold with Zelle

You can use Zelle to buy bulk orders of OSRS Gold on our website.  In this case, please let the Live Chat Agents know how much you want to buy.  We provide some great discounts when buying 500M+.  

Let's Get Started!

That should cover everything you need to know when buying with Zelle on our website.  If you have any further questions, just contact us on the Live Chat and we'll do our best to answer them.  From all of us at, we look forward to serving you better with Zelle Pay!

  Written by R2Pleasent
  Posted a year ago

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