How to Sell OSRS Gold in 2017

Sell OSRS Gold

Many people playing OSRS accumulate more gold than they need for their personal gameplay. It comes as no surprise that these players choose to sell their extra OSRS gold for real money. However, some players who have extra gold are simply confused on how to sell it without taking a risk. They do not want to trade sketchy Chinese gold-farming websites, and they are worried about getting scammed.

The good thing is that in 2017 (and beyond), there are legitimate websites located outside of China that pay real money for Runescape Gold. On, you can sell your OSRS gold for Paypal, Bitcoin, Western Union, Interac eTransfer, CSGO Skins and Keys, or even Bank Wire. There are a ton of different payment methods that should fit your circumstances.

The Process

To sell your RS Gold for real money with our website, use the Live Chat button on the bottom right hand side of the website. Tell the agent on chat how much gold you have, what server (RS3, OSRS), and the payment method you want to receive. The agent will then check the market price for you, and get a quote in real time. You can sell any amount of gold starting at 20M, all the way up to billions on Old School RS. If you accept the offer from our agent, they will give you the location to meet them in-game on the Live Chat.

Once you meet the agent in-game, simply trade the character they write to you on Live Chat. Remember to only use the Live Chat system to communicate. There are malicious players in-game who try to trick people into giving them gold, claiming they are from certain websites. will never use the Runescape chat system to communicate, so stay safe and ignore any messages you receive in-game.

Once you trade our agents the gold, then it is time to provide your payment details if you have not done so already. On Paypal this is the email address you used at signup. With Bitcoin it is your Bitcoin address. Our agents will verify that the gold has been received, and then promptly send your money. The whole process usually only takes a couple of minutes. We make it easy for you to turn your hard-earned OSRS GP into real money.


Aside from the risks of scamming, many players also worry about the safety of their accounts. Any website that tells you selling RS gold is 100% safe is lying to you. But the process can be very safe. Our characters are made by ourselves without bots. We make sure to switch up our trading locations often. We are based in North America, so you will never be trading anyone on a Chinese IP. We rarely ever get banned ourselves, and we can trade hundreds of people each day. So for sellers who only sell a couple of times per week, you would need to be very unlucky for action to be taken against your account.

We also take pride in our long history in the business. We have been buying and selling RS Gold since February 2007. That is over 10 years! When you sell with R2Pleasent, you can be sure that you are dealing with a trusted professional company. We welcome you to come say hi and give our service a try. You will see why so many of our customers are repeat customers!

Sell OSRS Gold

  Written by R2Pleasent
  Posted 2 years ago

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