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CSGO has gone from an interesting new version of Counter-Strike, with no in-game items, to having one of the most robust in-game economies in only a few years. People who aren’t familiar with the game are dumbfounded when you explain how a Souvenir Dragon Lore Factory New is worth tens of thousands of dollars. Obviously, CSGO Skin sites are big businesses.

If you want to buy these items, the easiest way is to use Steam and the Steam Community Marketplace. Just add money to your Steam Wallet and browse through the market to find what you’re looking for. However, the Steam Market has its downsides which many players find annoying. The most notable issue is that items are “trade-banned” for 7 days after a purchase. If you were buying keys to trade for Skins, then you need to let them marinate on your account for a week before you can start trading. Some of us want a little more instant gratification. So for that, people use third party websites to buy their CSGO Skins.

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One CSGO Skin Site that you may not have heard about before is R2Pleasent started out as a Runescape Gold site in 2007. It still provides gold for OSRS and RS3 today, although it has also expanded into some new games as well. Their most popular new game is CSGO. Their bread and butter is CSGO Keys (they own the domain However, they also stock a bunch of CSGO Skins which are listed below the Steam Market price.

The inventory can vary a lot. Sometimes there’s a huge selection, and sometimes they only have a few items in stock. It’s best to check back often because it really does change all the time. You can expect to find a lot of the most popular skins on the site. AWP Asiimovs, AK-47 Vulcans, Hyper Beasts, Gut Knifes, Bayonets, Butterfly Knifes, they prioritize high-volume traded items. These items have a very stable price on the Steam Market so you don’t need to worry about them losing value after buying.

As mentioned earlier, R2Pleasent is best known for their CSGO Keys section. They have a variety of Case Keys in stock at all times. The purchase process is really simple. Just order the amount of keys you want and put your tradelink into the delivery information. Then open up the Live Chat on the website (bottom right corner) and speak with an agent to choose the type of keys you want. If they have them in stock, they’ll be glad to give you the exact kind you like. Otherwise, you can choose from the ones they have available. They’re also always happy to do a key swap with you if you realize you need a different key type.

You can also sell CSGO skins to R2Pleasent. They have a tool on the CSGO selling page where you can get an instant offer in USD for your Skins. They buy Keys too, but you’ll need to jump on the live chat to get a quote on the price for the Keys. At the moment they support the following pay methods: Paypal, Skrill, BTC (Bitcoin), Western Union, G2APay, and other game currencies (such as Runescape Gold).

The website is best characterized by the 24/7 Live Support. This gives each transaction a more personal touch. We recommend using R2Pleasent if you’re newer to buying CSGO skins, since they really make the process easier. When you have someone helping you in real time, you don’t need to worry about any problems. That’s what they pay the agents for!


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How can you bring up CSGO Skin websites without mentioning OPSkins? These guys provide a really cool service where players can list their items for sale, at their own price, and when they sell OPSkins takes a cut and pays the rest to the seller. This means they have a really sizeable inventory. Perfect for customers who need a very specific item.

OPSkins is a mix between automatic and manual service. The system itself is automated. Trades are sent automatically, payments processed automatically, and everything in between. The whole process is pretty simple. However, they do not have any real time Live Support for some reason. This means if you run into a speed bump you need to wait for them to reply to your ticket. They’re a big site, so sometimes this can take several hours.

For experienced users, 95% of the time you won’t need any support. So really, this shouldn’t be a huge issue. Prices on OPSkins can be hit or miss. Some items are really fairly priced, while others are way overpriced. This happens because players can set any price they want, and some of them set ridiculous rates hoping some poor user will not know any better and purchase their overpriced item. Make sure you aren’t overpaying for your item, stay away from the Featured section (where players pay extra money for their CSGO Items and Skins to appear at the top of the page), these are often bad deals.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, between these two skin sites you should be able to find everything you’re looking for. Whether you want a personalized service on, or an automated one from OPSkins, you can be confident that your money and your Steam accounts are safe using these websites.

Also, as a note, remember, no legitimate CSGO skin site should EVER ask for your password. They will use Steam OpenID for logins, meaning you only ever log in through the real Steam website. If any site tries to have you log in directly on their site, run away. There’s simply no legitimate reason for it.

By following this guide you can avoid the headaches trading with random people on Steam, and avoid the 7 day market ban on Steam Community purchases. Your items will be instantly tradeable and you should save some money as well. Good luck on your quest to a Souvenir Dragon Lore FN. We are sure you’ll achieve your goal some time before the year 2100.

  Written by R2Pleasent
  Posted 3 years ago

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