Runescape Moneymaking Methods (And Why People Buy OSRS Gold)

How To Make Money in Old School RS

One of the most important parts of playing Runescape is earning gold. Gold makes everything else in the game easier, and more fun. It gives you access to higher tier items, makes your character more competitive in PVP and in PVM. The term "it takes money to make money" applies in RS just as it does in the real world. People with top gear and skills can access high-level content, such as the God Wars Dungeon.

Not only is the high level content better for making money, it's also more fun. Nearly any player on OSRS would prefer to do GWD than pick Flax (I hope!). But what do you do when you are starting out from a low gold stack? What are the most efficient ways to make money if you have average skill levels on Runescape? This article looks at a few methods and examines the time investment vs. expected profit in-game to determine the most efficient ways to make money.

Money-making methods in OSRS

There are numerous articles out there on how to make money on Runescape. This article will focus on a couple of the best ones depending on your skills in-game, and starting money / gear.

Low Requirements

The first moneymaking methods for old school Runescape we will focus on are the ones which have basically 0 requirements. These are perfect for a fresh new character. Maybe you just started playing the game, you've moved over from RS3, you're an Ironman, or you are just starting from scratch. No worries, there are many ways to earn some starting gold, but don't expect them to make much per hour. The first method we will focus on is "running".

"Running" is when you are delivering supplies between a skilling area and a bank for another player. The other player is focusing on training a specific skill, usually Runecrafting, and will pay you to bring them raw supplies. They save the time it takes to run back and forth to the bank, and you gain profit between the price of the end material and the price of the raw material. For example, players crafting Law Runes will trade you a certain number of Law Runes in exchange for Pure Essence. You profit the difference between the Pure Essence price and Law Rune price.

Law running can earn you up to 100k / hour. Use Clan Chats to find a reliable group. Of course, this method requires a lot of clicking and focus. You will not be able to train any skills while Running either, so it's purely a moneymaking strategy. However, it's still one of the best ways to earn money in-game with almost zero requirements.

Medium Requirements

Killing Green Dragons is the method of choice for medium-combat players. Green Dragons drop Dragon Bones, Green Scales, and some Rare drops which can be sold for good profit. Expect to earn about 400k / hour on Green Dragons. The main hindrance with this moneymaking technique is that you will be using the Wilderness. You will be at risk of being PK'ed. Don't bring high-valued gear, and be ready to hop worlds if you notice people on the Minimap.

This is a tried and testing moneymaking technique. You will be training a combat skill while slaying Green Dragons, and potentially can be leveling Slayer as well. This makes it many players' favorite way to earn money at medium combat levels.

High Requirements

The best moneyymaking method in OSRS is Zulrah. To do this efficiently, you need high Combat stats. It can still work with lower stats, but your efficiency will be greatly reduced. While Zulrah materials have declined in price over the past year or two, you can still expect to profit 1.5 to 2M per hour. This is up to 20x more gold than Rune running, and up to 4x more than Green Dragons.

Some Zulrah Tips:

- Bring Ring of Recoils
- Know where Zulrah will Spawn
- Use Trident of the Swamp instead of Trident of Seas
- Prioritize mage gear vs range gear

Moneymaking vs Buying OSRS Gold for Real Money

Looking at the methods above, we can get an idea of your efficiency in $ / hour by using our website's gold price. At the time of writing this guide, our OSRS Gold price is $1.30 USD per million. That means we can take any profit per hour in Runescape gold, and multiply it by the gold price, to see your $ / hour efficiency. For low requirements, you're earning approximately 0.1M (100K) per hour * $1.3/M = $0.13 USD per hour. Holy smokes, that's pretty low!

It gets a bit better with Green Dragons (but still pretty weak). 0.4M (400K) per hour * $1.3/M = $0.52/USD per hour. Still very low. You're earning about about 6.6% of USA minimum wage ($7.25/hr). With Zulrah, this becomes at least slightly more respectable. You're looking at 2M per hour * $1.3/M = $2.60 USD per hour. Still about 33% of USA minimum wage, but actually approaching or hitting the average wage in developing countries.

It seems clear that for people with a regular job, it makes more sense to simply buy Old School Runescape Gold. Of course, if you really enjoy killing Green Dragons, or Zulrah runs, then you might prefer going this route. But if you are simply looking for the most efficient moneymaking technique, it makes more sense to spend some real money and jump ahead to the interesting in-game content. This becomes even more true for a lower level character. Check out our full list of OSRS Gold prices here.

Good luck and may the future be profitable to you!

  Written by R2Pleasent
  Posted 3 years ago

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