Buy OSRS Gold with Amazon Pay with R2Pleasent Gold

OSRS Gold with Amazon Pay

NEW: Buy OSRS Gold with Amazon Pay!

R2Pleasent Gold is excited to announce a new payment option on our website.  You can now complete your orders with Amazon Pay, a robust new payment method brought to you by Amazon.  Ever heard of 'em?

AmazonPay lets you buy OSRS Gold using your own Amazon account.  How sweet is that?  Your payment details will be remembered by Amazon, so you don't need to re-enter card information.  As always, none of your sensitive financial information is ever entered or processed by our website.  Amazon handles all the nitty gritty payment information themselves, and delivers a smooth and secure payment experience.

Credit Cards & More

You can use a Credit Card, Debit Card, or other payment method attached to your Amazon account.  One important note, however, is that Gift Cards / Gift Card Balances will not work with Amazon ...

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How to Get FREE Runescape Gold (RS3 and OSRS)

Get Free Runescape Gold

Are you looking for ways to earn extra Runescape Gold?  Whether you play Old School RS (OSRS) or Runescape 3 (RS3), R2Pleasent Gold has some amazing ways for you to earn free gold.

Come see the many ways you can earn free Runescape Gold below.  

Free RS Gold Method 1: Transferwise

Offer: Free 50M OSRS Gold // 200M RS3 Gold

Transferwise is an amazing new way to send money across borders, in many different currencies.  The service has saved our business thousands of dollars in conversion fees.  It is also great for just sending money between your own bank accounts.  The Transferwise Borderless account even gives you local banking details for Europe, USA, United Kingdom, Australia and more.

If you travel, or ever send bank wires / payments to people in other countries, you absolutely NEED a Transferwise account.  They are the best in the business, hands down.  Their amazing conversion rates and fast, easy to use...

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Buy RSPS Gold - Safe and Fast - Only at

Buy RSPS Gold at

We have great news for you RSPS players.  R2Pleasent Gold is now stocking popular Runescape Private Server Gold.  We know how difficult it is to find a reliable place to buy RSPS Gold.  We can confidently say that search is over.  You can find it all here, in one place, at great prices, and with the professional service you have grown to trust and love.

What RSPS Do we Sell?

You can purchase gold for a variety of Runescape Private Servers on our website.  We stock the following games:

  • IKOV Private Server Gold (100M, 1 Billion) - Delivered in Shards

  • Roat PKz PK Points (Roatz PKP) - Delivered in 1K Units

  • SpawnPK Billions (SPK Bags) - 10 Bags is 1 Billion

  • SoulPlay Gold - Billions (Bags) - 1 Bag = 2 Billion

  • RuneWild Gold

Looking for another RSPS that we do not have listed?  Let us know on chat and we'll see if we can make it available to you.  We're always looking to improve our product offerings.

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Runescape Gold via PayPal at

buy runescape gold via paypal

Buy Runescape Gold with PayPal

You may have noticed that many popular Runescape Gold sites have removed the ability to pay with PayPal.  That's probably a bummer for you, because PayPal is widely regarded as the easiest way to pay for most buyers.  PayPal lets you save your card and bank information so that you do not need to re-enter it again for each purchase.  Most of you probably already have it already set it up and ready to use.

So at we have good news.  We have PayPal live and running on our website.  Order OSRS Gold and RS3 Gold using Paypal, and enjoy the convenience of using the world's most popular payment method.  All products and services on our website are available 24/7 via Paypal.

How to Buy Runescape Gold with PayPal on

First time buying?  You may be shocked to see how easy the process is to buy Runescape Gold and get back into the game.  We have set up an ...

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Buy OSRS Gold with the CashApp at R2Pleasent Gold

Buy OSRS Gold with the CashApp at R2Pleasent

Buy OSRS Gold with The Cash App at

Great news to our American customers.  We're now accepting payment for buying OSRS Gold via CashApp, the new payments network created by Square Technologies.  CashApp lets you pay instantly using your online bank balance directly to our account.  All you need is our CashApp tag to send money.  Most of you are probably already using the CashApp!

There are some great advantages to using the CashApp to buy OSRS Gold on our website:

  • Instant Payments

    • No more waiting for G2APay verification or bank transfers to clear.  All CashApp payments are instantly sent and received.

  • No Verification

    • No phone calls, ID requirements*, or other tedious verification processes.

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Buy OSRS Gold with ZellePay

Buy OSRS Gold with Zelle at

zelle for osrs gp

Are you an American looking to buy OSRS Gold?  Sick of verification and orders not clearing?  Sick of purchase limits?

The answer to those problems is here.  Zelle is a new payment method which allows you to send and receive money easily, using your online banking.  Simply sign up to Zelle here and you can get started right away.

Transfers with Zelle are instant.  That means no waiting days for ACH wires.  Transfers with Zelle are safe.  You do not need to provide your banking information.  You can pay and get paid with only an email address or phone number.  Transfers with Zelle are powerful.  Within minutes you can make orders for nearly any amount of OSRS Gold with us, without any hassle.

OSRS Gold Buying Limits

Typically we are forced to put limits on the amounts of OSRS Gold you can buy using payment methods like PayPal an...

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Craigslist or Kijiji for OSRS Gold

Do not buy osrs gold on craigslist

We have recently had a few people come to our Live Support complaining about being scammed on popular classified websites like Kijiji and Craigslist.  These are a hot bed for scams.  There are advertisements posted across these types of websites with people selling OSRS Gold.  You need to understand the reality using these sites.

Classified Sites are for IN-PERSON Transactions

Only use sites like Craigslist or Kijiji if you are meeting somebody in person to transact.  Do not send random people from these sites money.  There are several notorious scammers who trick people who are trying to Buy OSRS Gold.  Some of them even will tell you their life story, let you speak with their family members, all in an effort to have you send them money online.  They usually will prefer payment methods which cannot be reversed, like Western Union.

Beware!  Once you send these types of payments, you cannot get them back.  If the seller does not deliver, you ...

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New Explainer Video Live on YouTube!

How to Buy OSRS Gold on

Good news.  We've just launched a new explainer video which shows you the complete process of how to buy OSRS Gold on our website,  The video shows you the full purchase process, from nagivating to our website, through selecting the product, adding it the cart, completing the checkout processing, and payment. 

As our repeat customers know, once the payment is completed, you are automatically sent back to our website, and you are placed into a Live Support chat.  In this chat you'll arrange delivery with the Live Chat agent online (don't worry, there's always an agent online, we run 24/7).

This infographic below summarizes the process quite well:

How to Buy OSRS Gold on R2Pleasent

OSRS Gold Stock

It's not explicitly mentioned in the video, but the stock is shown on the OSRS Gold product page.  Keep in mind we aim to be in stock...

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Buy OSRS Gold with PayPal in 2019

Buy OSRS Gold With PayPal with R2Pleasent

Buy OSRS Gold for Paypal

Are you looking to buy Old School RS Gold using PayPal? Have you noticed that most sites no longer support PayPal, or make the process to buy with Paypal too difficult? Well you’re not alone. Many major sites no longer support PayPal as a payment method for RS Gold. Fortunately, we are not one of those sites! allows you to buy RS3 and OSRS Gold using PayPal, right on our website

How to Buy With Paypal

Buying with Paypal on R2Pleasent Gold is very simple. First, navigate to the product you’d like. For OSRS Gold, you would click to go to our Buy OSRS Gold page. From there, you simply select the amount of gold you want to buy. All units are millions. For 100M, you’d simply type 100, then Add to Cart.

How to buy OSRS with Paypal 1
Screenshot from the "Buy OSRS Gold Page"

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Sell OSRS and RS3 Gold via Transferwise

Sell RS Gold for Bank Transfer

Transferwise Logo

Are you looking to sell Old School RS or RS3 Gold and receive money directly to your bank? Usually bank transfers take up to one week to process, or have very high fees. Sometimes they have both. But with the new online money transfer service, “Transferwise”, it’s now possible to receive your local currency, into your local bank account, without any fees whatsoever. That means you get a fair exchange rate, and no receiving fees, directly to your bank account.

How Long does it Take to Receive?

It takes on average 1 business day to receive your payout from Transferwise, but it depends on the country of your bank. United Kingdom customers can receive money via UKBT instantly to their banks. It’s incredibly easy. This is possible because Transferwise uses the domestic bank transfer system, as opposed to the international one. Even though our company is locat...

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