WoW Classic Gold Now Available via CashApp!

Buy WoW Classic Gold with CashApp

Are you looking to buy WoW Classic Gold with CashApp? At, we are excited to announce support for purchasing WoW Classic Gold with the Cash App.  In fact, you can even qualify for a free 5% gold if you sign up to the CashApp using our referral code.

For more information click here.

The CashApp is a peer to peer money transfer service provided by Square. It is unique because it allows you to instantly send payments within the United States for 0 fees. That's right, no fees, and that means you save money on your WoW Vanilla Gold purchase.

How it Works

Our website has integrated CashApp payments into the regular order flow. However, unlike the automated payment systems on our website, you will need to manually complete the payment from your device after you create the order.  This is very simple, and our Live Support will be able to help you in real time with ...

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Buy CSGO Keys & CSGO Skins with CashApp or Zelle - Only at

Buy CSGO Keys & CSGO Skins via CashApp and Zelle is excited to announce support for two popualr new p2p payment methods in the USA: CashApp and Zelle.  These are very efficient ways to pay for CSGO order, whether you are buying CSGO Skins or CSGO Keys.  Here's the advantages to using CashApp and Zelle:

  • Zero transaction fees

  • Instant payments

  • Pay with your Bank Account (Zelle), Debit Card (CashApp), Balance (CashApp)

  • High Purchase Limits

$5 Free with New CashApp Signup

Looking for a little extra?  If you don't already have a CashApp account, you can sign up now with our referral link and get $5 free (once you make a transfer in-app).  Just click our CashApp Signup link here and you'll be eligible for the free money.  Use it towards your C...

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GG Boost Announces Valorant Boosting Service

GGBoost Announces Valorant Boosting Service

GG Boost is widely regarded as the best LOL Boosting Service available. Their team of experts have boosted thousands of accounts to new heights while maintaining stellar customer service. Today, GGBoost announced that they will be rolling out Valorant boosting services too. Check out their Valorant Boosting page.

What is Valorant?

For those of you who don't know, Valorant is a new first-person-shooter game created by Riot, the creators of League of Legends. It has a 5v5 gameplay and  can be seen as a hybrid between LOL, Overwatch and CSGO. With millions of people tuning in to Twitch daily to watch this new beta-access-only game, it's clear that Valorant is going to be huge.

When will it be open to everyone?

The game is currently in a closed beta.  If you want to win a free pass to partake in the Valorant beta, watch Valorant streams on Twitch.  For now this is the only way to play the game, and ranked gameplay is not yet available.

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Announcing GrindSwap - OSRS Accounts & Services

OSRS Accounts & Services Website

R2Pleasent Gold is excited to announce the launch of our new OSRS Accounts & OSRS Services website:  We realized that the accounts market has room for big improvement, and we think you're going to find that with GrindSwap.  This website is purely focused on getting you a high quality Old School RS Account & Service.

What Types of OSRS Accounts are for Sale?

We have a wide variety of OSRS Accounts on Grindswap, and we are always adding new builds that our customers are looking for.  You'll need to check the website for a full list, but the general categories we carry are:

  • Max Mains (with or without Range)

  • Hardcore Ironman (HCIM) and Ironman Starter Accounts

    • 99 FM, 80 Agil mostly (let us know if you want another build

  • <...

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RS Gold Prices Increase from COVID-19

RS Gold Price Increase During COVID-19

As you may have noticed, the prices here on have increased significantly since Stay-At-Home orders were issued across most major countries.  R2Pleasent Gold would like to point out that our company is not "jacking up" the prices during the pandemic.  Our profit margin is the same at all times.

So...What's Happening to Gold Prices?

With everyone stuck at home, OSRS is bumping like the good old days. With daily active players growing by the day, gold prices have been following suit. Demand is outpacing supply. Expect more volatility. After an early "stay-at-home" March spike, prices stabilized before shooting up 10% again on April 15th. Buckle up and build your reserves before it's too late. Still not convinced? Prices are up 52% since February ($0.65 to $0.99 per mil). RS3 price changes are following the same trend.

The Whole Gang's Here

The price is definitely a key indicatior of the growing OSRS and EOC trend. That being said, if you wa...

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The Ultimate Guide to Sell OSRS Gold for Cash

The Ultimate Guide to Sell OSRS Gold

You are here because you want to sell your OSRS Gold, and get paid real money.  Or you are just curious about how the process works.  This guide will go into detail and explain how you sell OSRS Gold safely, and secure the best payout possible for your hard-earned RSGP.

Selling to Gold Sites Vs. Individuals

The first decision you're going to make is to decide whether you sell your OSRS Gold to an established gold site, or to an individual.  This is where most newbies make their biggest mistake.  Trading with individuals is very high risk.  Much higher risk than most people realize.  The unfortunate truth is that, there are tons of people trying to scam OSRS Gold on the internet.  Some of them seem to think it's not so bad since it's not technically real money.

Whatever the reason, these scammers are most often but not always individuals.  Some of the scammers' favorite places are sites like Craigslist, Kijiji, or other classified networks.  The people on these websites are incredibly untrustworthy. ...

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Best IKOV RSPS Gold Site - IKOV GP on sale at

IKOV RSPS Gold - Featured at R2Pleasent Gold

Are you a regular IKOV Private Server player?  Are you looking to find gold at a great price, with convenient payment methods?  Looking for a trusted, reputable seller?  Well look no further.  R2Pleasent Gold has the answer to all these questions and more.

R2Pleasent Gold is proud to provide gold for IKOV RSPS since 2014.  We have sold trillions of IKOV RSPS Gold, and we know what is important to our customers:

  • Account Safety

  • Great Prices

  • Fast Delivery

  • Tons of Payment Methods

  • Professional Customer Service

Where else can you find all of the above than at R2Pleasent Gold?  We'll save you the time; you can't!  We have tens of billions in stock right now for IKOV Private Server.  Don't take a risk buying from random people, R2Pleasent Gold is a legitimate company with over 10 years of experience pro...

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Buy OSRS Gold with Amazon Pay

OSRS Gold with Amazon Pay

You Can Now Use Amazon Pay to Buy OSRS Gold!

R2Pleasent Gold is excited to announce a new payment option on our website.  You can now complete your orders with Amazon Pay, a robust new payment method brought to you by Amazon.  Ever heard of 'em?

AmazonPay lets you buy OSRS Gold using your own Amazon account.  How sweet is that?  Your payment details will be remembered by Amazon, so you don't need to re-enter card information.  As always, none of your sensitive financial information is ever entered or processed by our website.  Amazon handles all the nitty gritty payment information themselves, and delivers a smooth and secure payment experience.

Basically, you use your Amazon account to pay for your order on our website.  It's that simple!  Check out the tutorial video below: