OSRS Mobile is now Live!

Old School RS Mobile is Live!

Mobile Old School RS

As of October 30, 2018, you can now play Old School RS on Mobile, with both IOS and Android. It’s the full version of Old School Runescape, so any existing account you have can log into the game and continue playing. You will be playing the same worlds and areas as people playing on their computer. This means you can continue training skills on your main character using your phone or tablet. Goodbye life!

Active Player Numbers are Soaring

Since the OSRS Mobile launch, the population in game has absolutely soared. Average players online is regularly 100K+ for Old School RS. It has more than doubled since the release of mobile. As more and more new players start downloading the Runescape application on their phones, it is possible this growth could continue into the future. Old School RS adapts very well to mobile, since many of the actions players take in game are fairly simple and non-complex. Games like Fortnite have shown that even complex gameplay on PC can be adapted well onto mobile.

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Buy OSRS and RS3 Gold with Interac eTransfer (Canadian Bank Transfer) with R2Pleasent

Interac etransfer logo

Canadian Bank Transfer for RS Gold

Hey there,

Are you a Canadian person, or someone with a Canadian bank account, who is looking to buy Runescape Gold? Many websites, including our own, often have limits for the amount you can buy with Paypal or using a Credit Card. But did you know, we have absolutely no buying limit for customers using Interac eTransfer (which is the same as Canadian bank transfer). All you need to do to buy OSRS Gold or RS3 Gold on our website is access to your online banking.

To buy with interac etransfer on our website, first you’ll navigate to the product page that interests you. Then just add the amount of gold you want to your cart, and proceed to checkout. On the checkout page, you’ll see a option for Interac eTransfer under payment methods. Simply choose this payment method and proceed to checkout, and you will be given all the information needed to pay for the order and receive your gold quickly.

TF2 keys, CSGO keys too?

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TF2 Keys - Where to Find Cheap TF2 Keys (Below Steam Market Price)

TF2 Keys

TF2 Keys are the new CSGO Keys

That is right. The CSGO market has basically been crippled with the new 7 day trade rule. In case you have been living under a rock for the past few years, let me update you on what happened in an tl;dr. Any time you receive CSGO items (Skins, keys, stickers, etc.), they are locked on your account for 1 week. That means for 1 week, you cannot re-trade them for other items, or sell them. You cannot even open cases with them. They just sit there in your inventory gathering dust.

Same with PUBG items, but worse. PUBG items cannot be traded at all. You heard me. PUBG keys, and PUBG skins can no longer be transferred to other Steam users. So what is left? Basically the only big games which did not have their markets totally screwed up are Team Fortress 2 and DOTA2. DOTA2 items are unfortunately very unpopular. One reason is that they are all in Skin form, there are no keys anymore on DOTA2. Another reason is that DOTA is mostly popular in Southeast Asia and overseas, not so much in North America. I am no...

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OSRS Gold | Where is the Cheapest and Best RS Gold Site in 2018

OSRS Gold Shops are Everywhere

You have probably seen hundreds of different websites where you can buy OSRS gold . But what you want is the cheapest gold with the fastest delivery times. We know that, and we are striving to be the best for each. We know you just want to get back to your game as quickly as possible, with some more gold in your inventory. That is why at R2Pleasent Gold, we have perfected the process of selling our customers OSRS gold at the cheapest price with the fastest service since we began all the way back in 2007

2007? You Must Be Kidding

I wish I was! This is quite a story on how I got started creating a Runescape Gold Shop. Back between 2004 and 2006, I was a Party Hat merchant in Falador. That is where everyone used to buy and sell expensive items. It was a very long time ago. I quickly became one of the richer players in the game because I would always keep every Party Hat in stock for someone who wanted to buy it. I would make about 3-5% profit on each trade. I realized this wasnt a ton of gold for each trade, but I tried to make a lo...

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PUBG Skins, PUBG Keys, and PUBG Crates Now in Stock!

Player Unknowns Battlegrounds has made a huge jump into the gaming scene over the past few months. The survival game has taken over the top 3 spots on Twitch almost since its launch. We know a bunch of you are playing PUBG, so we rushed out to find a steady supply of items for the game. Check out our PUBG Inventory by clicking here.

Effective immediately, now will keep a constant stock of Gamescom Invitational Crates, and Gamescom Invitational Keys. We will do our best to also find you the best PUBG Skins to list on our website. As with our CSGO Skins and Keys, all PUBG items for sale on our website are instantly tradeable between players. We also make sure to list our items well below Steam Market price, so you know you’re getting a deal when you buy on our site.

In the future we also are looking to get a steady stock of your favorite PUBG Skins. Please let us know on our 24/7 Live Support what items you want to see on our website. We have already sold a few high valued items like the famous Trenchcoat and Bandana.<...

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Why Opening CSGO Cases is a Terrible Investment

Opening CSGO Cases Loses You Money

CSGO case openings are very popular. People buy CSGO Keys all the time to open cases, hoping to get a high-valued item from their case. The cost of a key and a case is pretty cheap at first glance. Each CSGO Key is about $2.50 Market, or you can buy them for $2.39 on Cases range in value from as little as $0.04 each (Chroma Case, Falchion, etc.) to as much as around $10.00 USD. Each case requires both a case and a key to open it. Therefore the price of opening each case is:

Price of Key + Price of Case = Case Opening Price

For example, a Chroma Case would be:

USD - $2.50 + $0.05 = $2.55

And the price of opening a Bravo Case would be:

USD - $2.50 + $9.65 = $12.15

Now, what would you expect the average payout to be each time you open these cases? It’s very difficult for the average person to tell. That’s because there are certain “ultra rare” i...

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How to Sell OSRS Gold in 2017

Sell OSRS Gold

Many people playing OSRS accumulate more gold than they need for their personal gameplay. It comes as no surprise that these players choose to sell their extra OSRS gold for real money. However, some players who have extra gold are simply confused on how to sell it without taking a risk. They do not want to trade sketchy Chinese gold-farming websites, and they are worried about getting scammed.

The good thing is that in 2017 (and beyond), there are legitimate websites located outside of China that pay real money for Runescape Gold. On, you can sell your OSRS gold for Paypal, Bitcoin, Western Union, Interac eTransfer, CSGO Skins and Keys, or even Bank Wire. There are a ton of different payment methods that should fit your circumstances.

The Process

To sell your RS Gold for real money with our website, use the Live Chat button on the bottom right hand side of the website. Tell the agent on chat how much gold you have, what server (RS3, OSRS), and the payment me...

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How to Find the Best CSGO Skin Sites of 2017

CSGO Skin Sites

CSGO Skins Site

CSGO has gone from an interesting new version of Counter-Strike, with no in-game items, to having one of the most robust in-game economies in only a few years. People who aren’t familiar with the game are dumbfounded when you explain how a Souvenir Dragon Lore Factory New is worth tens of thousands of dollars. Obviously, CSGO Skin sites are big businesses.

If you want to buy these items, the easiest way is to use Steam and the Steam Community Marketplace. Just add money to your Steam Wallet and browse through the market to find what you’re looking for. However, the Steam Market has its downsides which many players find annoying. The most notable issue is that items are “trade-banned” for 7 days after a purchase. If you were buying keys to trade for Skins, then you need to let them marinate on your account for a week before you can start trading. Some of us want a little more instant gratification. So for that, people use third party websites to buy their CSGO Skins.

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Where is the Best OSRS Gold Site (2018 Update)

Best OSRS Gold Site? 2018 Update

This article was written all the way back in 2017! Today, there is a more recent article on the best OSRS Gold Site of 2018. Click here to view! You should find all the information you need here. The game has changed a bit over the past year, but honestly the answer is just more clear. Choose an established and trusted business when you spend your hard earned money.

What Makes the Best OSRS Gold Site in 2017?

There are many criteria to consider when you are trying to find the best gold site for OSRS. Most people agree that price is very important, if not the most important criteria when choosing where to buy gold. On, we constantly check our competitors to make sure our prices match them or beat them. When we have overstock, we cut our prices even further and we are by far the cheapest place to buy gold on the web. Let's be honest though, price is easy to compare between sites. It's the easiest part of choosing wh...

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Runescape Moneymaking Methods (And Why People Buy OSRS Gold)

How To Make Money in Old School RS

One of the most important parts of playing Runescape is earning gold. Gold makes everything else in the game easier, and more fun. It gives you access to higher tier items, makes your character more competitive in PVP and in PVM. The term "it takes money to make money" applies in RS just as it does in the real world. People with top gear and skills can access high-level content, such as the God Wars Dungeon.

Not only is the high level content better for making money, it's also more fun. Nearly any player on OSRS would prefer to do GWD than pick Flax (I hope!). But what do you do when you are starting out from a low gold stack? What are the most efficient ways to make money if you have average skill levels on Runescape? This article looks at a few methods and examines the time investment vs. expected profit in-game to determine the most efficient ways to make money.

Money-making methods in OSRS

There are numerous articles out there on how to make money on Runescape. This article will focus on a couple of the best ones depending on your skills in-game, and sta...

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