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Runescape Moneymaking Methods (And Why People Buy OSRS Gold)

How To Make Money in Old School RS

One of the most important parts of playing Runescape is earning gold. Gold makes everything else in the game easier, and more fun. It gives you access to higher tier items, makes your character more competitive in PVP and in PVM. The term "it takes money to make money" applies in RS just as it does in the real world. People with top gear and skills can access high-level content, such as the God Wars Dungeon.

Not only is the high level content better for making money, it's also more fun. Nearly any player on OSRS would prefer to do GWD than pick Flax (I hope!). But what do you do when you are starting out from a low gold stack? What are the most efficient ways to make money if you have average skill levels on Runescape? This article looks at a few methods and examines the time investment vs. expected profit in-game to determine the most efficient ways to make money.

Money-making methods in OSRS

There are numerous articles out there on how to make money on Runescape. This article will focus on a couple of the best ones depending on your skills in-game, and sta...

  Written by R2Pleasent
  Posted 13 hours ago

Hardcore Ironman Released on Runescape

This month there was a massive new release by Jagex for the Ironman Mode. The company released the new game mode "Hardcore Ironman" for Old School Runescape. This new format is the most intense game mode yet. Not only is your character restricted from trading other players, it now also only has one life. In other words, if you die anywhere, at anytime, your character loses its Hardcore status.

Fortunately, unlike the Diablo series where dying as a Hardcore character essentially deletes you from the game, Hardcore Ironman characters which meet their ultimate demise can still carry on as regular Ironman characters afterwards. Still, it will be quite intense seeing players battle it out to become the highest level HC Ironman.

There are also some exceptions to the death rule as a Hardcore Ironman. Essentially, deaths which occur in minigames such as the Duel Arena, or Castle Wars. This means you can still get your daily dose of dying, if that's your fancy, without risking your Hardcore status. One unfortunate reality as an Ironman is that our website will not be able to help you! Ironman characters cannot buy OSRS gold :)

We wish yo...

  Written by R2Pleasent
  Posted 4 months ago

Announcing DOTASkins.Net -- Buy & Sell DOTA2 Skins for Real Money

Dota 2 Skins Banner

Hey everyone,

I wanted to notify you all of a new service offered by our company: DOTA2Skins.Net. This website allows our users to buy and sell DOTA2 items and Skins for Credit Card, Paypal, Bitcoin, Skrill, WU, and other popular payment methods. We will continue to stock DOTA 2 items, so our inventory is always changing. Check back daily to see what new items are available on the site. Unlike the Steam Marketplace, these items are all instantly tradeable following their purchase.

DOTA2Skins will also list CSGO Keys and Skins. You may find this site more user-friendly for Steam purchases, since it supports OpenID login. This feature allows you to login to the system without needing to create an account on our website, and without ever disclosing your private information to our website. We hope it allows for a better experience when buying and selling DOTA items.

We have many popular Defense of the Ancients Skins in stock. We regularly stock DC Hooks, Arcanas, Rotten Staches and...

  Written by R2Pleasent
  Posted 5 months ago

New Last Man Standing (LMS) Updates from JAGEX

OSRS - Last Man Standing Changes August 2016

Upgrades for Magic skill

-Ahrim's Robes have been added as the top magic robes available.
-Infinity Robes have been replaced with 3rd age robes in the vending shrines.
-Reduced cost of the Ancients Tablet from 20 to 10.

Items dropped to player who deals most damage

I think this is one of the most important updates. This completely changes the way the game functions. Instead of getting the last hit, loot is awarded based on the total damage dealt to a target. This means no more PJ'ers stealing your bloody keys and loot at the end!
-When you kill a player, any damage they've dealt to you is now to be disregarded to prevent them being credited when you die.

Other Updates for Last Man Standing

-The duration of the PJ timer has been increased by about 50%
-The final two loot crate now appears in the final area, rather than in the fog
-Trading has been disabled within the minigame.
-The stepping stones crossing the river have been replaced with a bridge.
-A western ...

  Written by Dobi
  Posted 7 months ago

How to Win Last Man Standing (LMS) - Tips and Tricks

This article looks at some ways you can get a leg up on the competition in the newly released minigame for Runescape - Last Man Standing.

Trick #1 - Chests, Chests, Chests

This may seem obvious, but... Try to open as many chests as you can! This will get you more weapons and more supplies, which are crucial for victory. NEVER attack someone before opening chests. The more chests you open, the better your chances of winning the game, period. This is priority number one, so try to take your finger off the trigger initially and just gather up as many supplies as possible.

Trick #2 - Don't be a Corner Camper

Do NOT hide in the corner! This is important because if you hide, you will simply not be improving enough to win. You need to be active, kill others, loot their items eventually you can trade them up at the Exchange Post for a Whip or Ancient Magics. The key to victory is getting your equipment upgraded as soon as possible. You aren't going to win without solid gear.

Trick #3 - Magical Chests = Magical Loot

Try to open the magical chests even if they ...

  Written by Dobi
  Posted 8 months ago

Runescape Last Man Standing (LMS)

Jagex released a really awesome update this week for Runescape. Our opinion is that Last Man Standing, also known as LMS, is the coolest minigame in the game.

What is Last Man Standing ?

Last Man Standing is a minigame similar to deadman modes but with some notable differences. Last Man Standing occurs in rounds that take only 15-20minutes to play. You start the minigame with nothing, just your naked character. You need to find supplies in order to kill someone. You do this by searching the chests around you before someone else does and grab the weapons, food, and potions inside. You'll use those supplies to attack the other players in the minigame. It's a similar format to the zombie survival games like H1Z1 and Day Z.

How to get Started

You can begin the minigame by speaking to Lisa east of the Clan Wars area.

Game Modes

There are two different game modes which are : Competitive and Casual
Competitive :
In Competitive mode, players have to deposit a minimum of 100,000 coins into the coffer to participate. This mode has bigger payouts, and tougher competition.
Casual :
In C...

  Written by Dobi
  Posted 8 months ago

New Way to Change your Name on Runescape Old School!

Finally Jagex brings the option to change your name in Runescape Old School using bonds ! Yes, you can now change your name by burning an RS 2007 Bond. Click here for more information .

What are bonds ?

Are you new on Runescape ? Bonds are an in-game item with which you can buy membership, sell on the Grand Exchange for gold, or use to change your name early.

How to buy a bond ?

Bond costs around 2.5-3M RS07 if you don't have that much in your account you can simply buy OSRS gold by clicking here. Once you have the gold needed, you can hop over the GE in Varrock and buy a Bond on the Grand Exchange. Once you've purchased the bond, it's ready to be used for your purposes.

  Written by Dobi
  Posted 8 months ago

Buy CSGO Skins Now - Save Money!

Buy CSGO Skins

We've just slashed our rates on our CSGO items. Buy CSGO Skins using our website and save up to 20% from Steam Market price. No extra fees, no delivery charges like other websites. Get your Skins within 5 minutes of pressing pay thanks to our 24/7 Live Support. We are here to help at all hours of the day, with real people speaking fluent English.

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We hope to earn your business when you use our site to buy CS GO Skins. Our goal is to provide top level customer service to...

  Written by R2Pleasent
  Posted 9 months ago

Gamma Cases Released for CSGO

Gamma Cases Released!

On June 16th, 2016, the Gamma Case was released on CSGO. This new weapon case contains some really popular Skins, including a ton of new Knife Skins. This is one of the biggest new CSGO Skin releases of all time. There are a total of 6 new Knife patterns, which are available on a bunch of different Knife types (Bayonet, Gut Knife, etc.) There are also some awesome new Gun Skins, specifically the M4A1-S | Mecha Industries:

Also check out the new Knife Skins as shown on the Gut Knife. These are some amazing new Skins. Hopefully we will have some of these available on soon. I'm sure they will not last long in our inventory if we do manage to get ahold of some...

This new Gamma case release has...

  Written by R2Pleasent
  Posted 9 months ago

Where To Buy Cheap CSGO Skins

Why are CSGO Skins Popular?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has become one of the most popular games on the planet since its release in 2012. One of the reasons that the game has seen such massive growth recently was the introduction of tradable items called "Skins" in 2013. CSGO Skins are found by opening Crates with Keys, which will generate a random CSGO Skin. These items can range in value between a few cents and over $10,000 USD. They are free to trade between players, and there are now tons of amazing and beautiful Skins for all types of weapons in-game.

How to Get Cheap CSGO Skins

If you don't use CSGO Keys on Crates, and instead want to buy CSGO Skins directly, you have a few options. One of them is to buy them on the Steam Marketplace. This is the most direct and simple way to buy Skins. However, you will be paying full price when you buy on the marketplace. These are not considered "Cheap", they are regular price. You will also need to wait 7 days from a Steam purchase before your items are tradable.

If you want to find cheap CSGO Skins, at...

  Written by R2Pleasent
  Posted 11 months ago

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